Our Mission

Every BIG Helps wants to cut through the confusion, by spreading awareness of the most important ecological intervention points.  Our approach is firmly evidence based. We combine the science with insights into cultural change in order to help focus society’s efforts on the most effective intervention points. We believe that such points are found at the intersection of environmental impact and cultural salience and visibility – because cultural norms are catching!

We take our name from a quote from the late David McKay – who published the brilliant “Sustainable energy – without the hot air”. He recognised the importance that to reduce emissions rapidly it’s crucial we do not allow ourselves to get distracted by small changes and focussed on those areas that may really make a difference!

What we do

Every BIG Helps is all about spreading awareness and understanding. We believe in an active an engaged citizenry, who are empowered to make a difference.  We deliver talks and workshops to community groups and festivals, share free resources on our website, and hope to launch a podcast in 2020. We also offer consulting on implementing these changes to organisations who are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Our talks are free, although voluntary contributions towards the running of every big helps are always appreciated, or donations to the brilliant Climate Outreach. Please get in touch to book a talk or workshop, or check out the events page to see what’s coming up. 

Who are we


MSc Renewable Energy and Sustainability     


Anthony Simpson has an MSc in Renewable Energy and Sustainability, has worked for a number of years in the fields of solar energy and electric vehicles, and has co-led a company’s environmental programme leading to a listing in the Sunday Times greenest companies.

Through reading scientific, industry and government reports and research from around the world, Anthony has compiled a considerable amount of research across a broad range of topics in order to bring much greater clarity about the most important things we can do to respond to the growing threat of environmental collapse, including climate change. Anthony loves diving into data, spreadsheets and infographics!





MSc Sustainable Development
PhD Cultural Transformation and Imagination


Sam’s expertise is in conceptualising social transformation, with particular emphasis on sustainability and social and environmental justice. Sam’s research focuses on social paradigms (‘imaginaries’), and the imagination.

She is interested in bringing to the light of day the hidden ideas, attitudes and assumptions that drive social practices: only then can we really understand what the cause of society’s manifold connected problems is, and find the best way to respond to them.

Also see https://socialimaginaries.org/